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The Golf Tent

The Golf Tent is a brilliant and innovative design to allow you to practice in all sorts of weather, whether it be protection from wind and rain, or the glaring sun. As well as own use, coaches and teaching golf professionals never need to cancel lessons again due to inclement weather. Alan’s good friend and fellow professional Stephen McOmish was the brains behind The Golf Tent with the first designs getting underway in 2018.


Alan loves the product and is fully behind helping support The Golf Tent and bringing it to market. Alan enthused, “It’s a game changer for venues, coaches and those golfers who just love hitting balls. Stephen and his small team have done a brilliant job with their designs and it’s already been very well received in the golfing world. It provides golf clubs with the option of portable all weather practice from grass or mats, as well as having the versatility to act as a halfway house at club competitions or corporate events”.


For more details and to view a demo Golf Tent video, please log on at

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